Cascades Connections Subscription

Do you have friends that you think would benefit from Cascades Connections?

You both can subscribe to the email list here

Signed up but Not getting them?     Contact us for Help 

Some trouble shooting tips: 

Do you know someone who says they are subscribed to our email list but are not receiving the Cascades Connections?  Have them check the following:

  1.  Some mail servers automatically filter out Cascades Connections emails because they present as Promotions.   You might be able to resolve this by asking you mail administrator to allow Cascades Connections to deliver to your inbox.
  2. Gmail often sends the Cascades Connections emails to the promotion folder.  If you use the gmail web interface there might be three tabs above your emails: Primary, Social and Promotions.  Click the promotion tab and the Cascades Connections emails might be there. 
  3. On some mail programs such as Outlook, Cascades Connections might even appear as Junk Mail or Spam.  If you find an email from us in you Junk Mail or Spam Folder, you might be able to right click and mark it as “not junk” and it will appear regularly in your inbox.
  4. If you cannot find a menu item labeled “not junk” you might be able to move the email to the inbox and mark it as allowed.
  5. Or you might be able to find the menu item labeled “rules” and then mark the email as “move to inbox”.  
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