Resources for the Church as we Creatively Connect in Faith

This blog is formed for members of the Presbytery of the Cascades to share their stories, resources and concerns in the midst of COVID-19. How are you creatively connecting with the people in your community? 

If you have something to share, comment in the box below and paste in any links you have.  You will have to scroll down to see all of the comments. 

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  1. Paul Belz-Templeman

    Here is the Easter Worship Service from the PCUSA

  2. I hope others in the Presbytery of the Cascades and throughout the PC(USA) will join me in asking our representatives and senators to lift the sanctions against the people of Iran during this COVID pandemic. I have included a link to the letter I wrote to my congresspersons plus a link to an interview I had with Dr. Foad Izadi of the University of Tehran regarding the current situation and the effects of the US sanctions on the people.

  3. Paul Belz-Templeman

    The Office of General Assembly has changed its opinion: you can now serve communion during an online worship service!

  4. If you’re connecting to zoom for the first time check this out.
    First Time Zoom Users Instructions

  5. • Could my organization still meet to do video production for streaming online services?
    • Could I still feed the homeless?
    The short answer is Yes, if and only if the organization could the following the guidances:
    • Be sure there are no more than 20 people in the workplace, and the strong recommendation is there are less than 10 people in the facility.
    • The organization must provide and enforce social distancing of 6 feet distance between crew/volunteer members.
    • Strongly encourage hand washing, and coughing behind the elbow, don’t touch the face.
    • People who have symptoms or are sick or are older than 60 years old must stay home.
    • It is strongly encouraged to use creative ways to deliver the message/food/service that social distancing and staying at home. For example, doing individual recordings at home, and minimize any gathering that put at risk your community members.

  6. Grateful for Morgan, and so many others throughout our presbytery serving with intention, creativity, faith and love:

    I’ve heard of others starting similar initiatives. Post them here to share, and thank you all for the ways you are caring for your church family and larger community. You are the hands and feet of Christ!

  7. Paul Belz-Templeman

    Digital Pastoral Care resource recommended by several pastors.

  8. Members from Waldport joined Chapel by the Sea for an shared online worship experience on the 22nd.

  9. Paul Belz-Templeman

    Choirs can rehearse virtually, and for free on their smart phones!

  10. Way to go Yachats Community PC. Look at you setting up a GOFUNDME campaign to raise money for displaced workers! You guys ROCK!

    You’re a testament to the faith. Bless you!

    We are thinking about you all and thankful for your witness to the community.

  11. Paul Belz-Templeman

    Set up a Displaced Worker Emergency Fund on go-fund-me like COMMUNITY YACHATS did.
    The church gave $5,000 in seed money & is seeks donations from the community. They give out the money in $100 increments 3 days a week.
    Go-fund-me link here

  12. The PCUSA coronavirus resource page has been reorganized. You may find it helpful.

  13. One of the clerks in our presbytery wants to know how congregations are connecting with their members that do not have technology. Any more insights on this topic?

  14. One of the most positive responses l have witnessed, was the older couple who wanted to help delivery of food to people who need it. But they themselves are at a higher risk because of age. So, they are paying a stipend to a younger person, who lost their job, to deliver Meals on Wheels, and other deliveries that we discover are needed in or community. It’s a win- win- win.
    The pastors at Westminster are also live streaming daily noon prayers. And we are making phone calls to all who might be more vulnerable. We are using Zoom for Session meetings and Stephen Ministry training.
    Christ’s peace,
    Laurie Newman, Westminster, Portland

  15. First Pres Woodburn — A few choir members are meeting tonight to call some of our older members who live alone and sing to them. Kind of like Christmas caroling, but over the phone. I have been phoning members who live alone or in facilities. We visit, I listen, see if they have any needs, read a Scripture, say a prayer, send a virtual hug. Everyone has my cell phone and email, and I’ve encouraged people to send me their prayer requests. I respond promptly with notes and prayers.

    Meals on Wheels continues to package meals at the church and deliver Monday through Thursday with extra food on Thursdays for the weekend. There is no more on-site dining. It’s not just about the food, but also how the drivers check on the clients each day.

  16. Our Elders and Deacons (20 total) have agreed to make weekly phone calls covering all households in our church (10 each). Feels great for the pastor and staff to have that baseline community and relationship network off of our plates. I know a lot of churches “encourage” this in normal times, but we started over with a brand new list and brand new assignment.

  17. Even more Cascades Presbytery churches will be live streaming their worship on Sunday. We will keep the links updated here.

  18. Paul Belz-Templeman

    You can upload any video to Facebook and invite your community to watch it together. People can comment. You can even do a voice-over if you want to look smart!

  19. Paul Belz-Templeman

    Public Health Experts from Harvard on Talking with Children about the pandemic: