“You have helped me more in one hour than all the months I’ve been with my psychiatrist and grief counselor”.

        A church member spoke these words as we ended our time together.
        All I did was suggest a way to position his body
        and breathe with him in an intentional pattern that was prayer.

With compassion,
we can see the difficulties of being human

                                         especially right now . .  .     

      As we fluctuate between
      a never-ending infusion of stress pumping, hyper-vigilance
      a hide-in-a-cave, falling into helplessness, hopelessness
      many places in between . . .

      Our faith story can give perspective and meaning
                  but there are also stories of our
                          bodies and nervous systems
                                 that are woven into our experiences.

We know that change, resilience and healing take place through:

                                                                                Ritual — Practice — Supportive Community
You are invited to explore the intersection of:
Somatic(body) Intelligence — Health — Spiritual Practices

Made possible for Pastors and Chaplains through a
Mental Health Ministries Grant from PCUSA.

January-June 2021


  • Enjoy a supportive community with intentional rhythm, laughter and learning form a variety of proven resources which are effective in increasing resilience and health.
  • Dive into the fascinating world of neurobiology and its’ influences on health and experiences of life, with relevance to current issues such as anti-racism, divisions, individual and communal grief, trauma and prayer.  
  • Develop and integrate tools with spiritual practices and strategize how these tools can be used in your communities.


Opening Retreat: January 24th, 1pm through January 25th, 3pm.

  • Followed by monthly, one day Retreats — February to June, 8-4pm, days to be determined by participants.
  • Cost: up to $150 for supplies (list to follow upon registration. you may already have some).
  • In between retreats, there will be optional opportunities for small group check-in, spiritual direction and embodied practice.
  • Please invite other clergy friends/minister colleagues in other Presbyterian/Denominations
  • Sign up by January 10th

Registration Link 

Questions? Contact sharon@1stpres.org 



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