Statistical Reporting for 2021

1. General Assembly Annual Statistics enter online

  • You have until FEB 11th, 2022 
  • Watch the Instructions video here
  • Password or User Name unknown? email
  • Instructions for navigating General Assembly Statistics  Here
  • These  FAQs are also helpful if you run into difficulty.  
  • Treasurers and CE elders can give you info with these worksheets:  Treasurer  Christian Ed. 
  • Estimate when you lack reliable data (worship attendance for online attendees, Sunday School attendance, “persons with major hearing loss” etc.)

2. Necrology: Report elders, pastors and pastor’s spouses who have recently died by 2/22/22 for remembrance at the March Presbytery Meeting.

Necrology Report Form  (Word)     Necrology Report (PDF)  

3. 2022 Church Leader CompensationDue March 1, 2022 Compensation Form. Treasurer or Pastor can also submit. Requesting annual compensation whether the fiscal year begins January 1, July 1 or at any other time.  2022 minimum terms of compensation  

4. Update contacts for church leaders (newly elected officers, administrators, etc.)

   Contact Form (Word)      Contact Form (PDF)   



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