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Next Presbytery Meeting March 11, 2022 from 3-8 p.m. 

by Zoom

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Background Papers HERE

 Presbytery Meeting  Summary Held June 11-12, 2021 

Draft Minutes of the Summer Presbytery Meeting

Videos of the Meeting HERE

Background Papers HERE


Strategic Planning Team VIDEO

Watch Morgan Schmidt from the Strategic Planning Team  unpack what collaboration can mean for this presbytery :  (it’s a large file, I had to download it to play it, so glad I did!) Watch Here

For more information about the work of the team I saw two emails shared on the Zoom screen:

Eileen Sheelar (Immediate past chair of the Presbyterian Leadership Commission)

Craig Butler  (Past and Present Treasurer of the Presbytery)

Board of Pensions

We welcomed our new Board of Pensions Church Consultant the Reverend Christine Long.   215-587-7264

Presbytery Minimum Compensation set for 2022

The Presbytery Minimum Compensation for 2022 is $51,827 which is a 3.9% increase over the 2021 minimum. This full time equivalent applies to all Pastors, Commissioned Ruling Elders in Pastoral Service and Certified Christian Educators. The Commission on Ministry recommends that all Pastors, Commissioned Ruling Elders and Certified Christian Educators  receive a 3.9% Cost of Living increase.

Matthew 25 Initiative

We saw a small piece of the good work that First, Vancouver is doing as part of the Matthew 25 Initiative in this video.

For more info on Matthew 25 contact the Brewer and  Reverend Tom Berry,

Give to the Presbytery Offering

The offering continues to be received for Stoveteam International

          Give online at the Presbytery website

          Or, mail your check to: Presbytery of the Cascades, 245 S Bancroft St. Suite D, Portland, OR 97239

Save the Date

  • Ordination of Kelly Dickson: 6:30 pm Friday June 18, 2021  at Lake Grove Presbyterian Church
  • Service Honoring the Legacy of Calvary Korean Presbyterian Church  5 pm Sunday, August 22, 2021 at Beaverton Korean Presbyterian Church
  • Memorial Service for former Executive Presbyter Rev. Dave Crow   2 pm July 2, 2021 at Westminster Presbyterian Church, Portland
  • Memorial Service for former Stated Clerk Rev. John Salmon  2 pm July 25, 2021 at Rose City Park Presbyterian Church, Portland
  • November Presbytery Meeting  November 12-13, 2021  Location and Time to be determined soon
  • Triennium for Youth! June 24-27, 2022 (next year) in Indianapolis, Indiana
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