Per Capita for 2018

2018 per capita

apportionment rates

 Presbytery $19.05
Synod $5.22
Total = $32.00

The Per Capita for 2018 is $32.  

$32.00 = $19.05 + $7.73 + $5.22. 


Here’s the breakdown: 

$19.05  goes to cover the costs of the work of the presbytery:

  • The expense of 3 annual presbytery meetings
  • The expenses of the meetings and work of Presbytery Leadership Council(PLC)
  • Meeting expenses of committees (CPM, COR, COM, P&A, CAMPT, etc.)*
  • Special investigating committees (PJC)*
  • Expenses associated with administrative commissions (church closures, pastor installations,  congregational conflicts)
  • General Expenses (legal, audit, professional fees, insurance, publishing, etc.)
  • Office Expenses (rent, telephone, postage, printing/copying, computer supplies & support, equipment repairs & maintenance, etc.)
  • The work of The Office Of The Stated Clerk (including compensation and expenses for the clerk and administrative assistant).

$7.73 goes to General Assembly:

  • To help share in the cost in those things that make us Presbyterian:
  1. our theological identity
  2. our connectedness
  3. our system of mid councils that allow elders and ministers together discern the mind of Christ
  4. our ecumenical connections that make us part of the church universal
  5.  our core structures that keep us together as a church
  6. our call to work for full participation in decision making
  • Allows for participation of persons from large and small churches from all areas of the country, thus making our representative form of government possible.
  • It means that dollars given for mission are used to fund mission projects and work rather than in paying for administrative “overhead”.

$5.22 goes to Synod for:

  • Investment/Loan administration
  • Personnel services
  • Health/Benefits administration
  • Committee meeting Expenses (Synod meetings, Finance, Personnel, Executive Staff Forum, Nominating, Mission Partnership, etc.)

*  CPM:  Commission on Preparation for Ministry
*  COR:  Committee on Representation
*  COM:  Commission on Ministry
*  CAMPT:  Communications and Meeting Planning Team
*  PJC:  Permanent Judicial Commission
*  Board of Trustees
*  Budget and Finance