Vital Congregations Initiative

Cascades Vital Congregations Initiative (VCI)

Covid-19 Edition –  2020-21

by Barbara Campbell

Isaiah 43:19                      I am about to do a new thing; now it springs forth, do you not perceive it?

1 Corinthians 3:16            Do you not know that you are God’s temple and that God’s Spirit dwells in you?

Revelation 21:3,5          See, the home of God is among mortals…See, I am making all things  new.

Cascades VCI Vision: By the power of the holy spirit, Cascades congregations will discover ways to renew, re-discover and live more fully into Micah’s call to “do justice, love kindness, and walk humbly with God” and Jesus’ call to “love God, . . one another, . . . and enemies.”

Vital Congregations helps churches seek:

  • a time of re-awakening throughout neighborhoods and nations;
  • a time to call the Church to transform and transcend cultures and contexts;
  • a time to reform and revitalize the Body of Christ;
  • a time to rediscover faithful discipleship within 21st century and interfaith contexts;
  • a time to move from inward institutions to outward relationships and missions.


Joshua Dunham, Pastor at Covenant PC in Gresham, and member of Presbytery’s New Ministries Team recommends contacting any of the following people for help with learning about partnering with community non-profits in providing services to neighborhoods and communities. Each of these people have considerable working knowledge of partnerships they have created and work with.

Printed Resources 

“Effective Organizing for Congregational Renewal” by Michael Gecan 

Pamphlet – published August 1, 2008, Available on Amazon for $5.95 

If citizens’ organizations can be effective and powerful, welcoming and relational, why aren’t some of the religious institutions that make them up always that way? The answer is they can be, if they learn to use some of the tools that are taught and exercised in the organizations connected to the Industrial Areas Foundation (IAF).

In this short booklet, Michael Gecan, who wrote Going Public gives a quick analysis of the tools of organizing that can be taught and mastered by the clergy and lay leaders of religious congregations of all faiths and denominations:

  • The art and craft of the individual meetings.
  • How to run effective public meetings.
  • How to design actions and reduce creating new groups or structures.
  • How to create a set of focused campaigns and avoid scores of de-energizing tasks.
  • How to do a power analysis of a social or institutional environment before trying to act.
  • How to identify and align with new allies.
  • How to create and sustain a relational organization and limit bureaucratic demands on leaders.

Resources for  Coaching in Renewal/Revitalization of Organizations

PCUSA Office of VCI Coaching Resources

The national VCI office now has trained VCI coaches available to work with individual congregations or presbyteries who request help. Scholarships are available to help cover the cost of these online (perhaps in-person at some point) coaches.  Contact the VCI office for information.   800-728-7228

Susan Graham, Pastor at Springwater PC in Estacada and Lake Grove PC in Lake Oswego, has been working with coaches through the following organization and recommends them highly.

  1. https://theleadersjo

Susan writes, “They reference their book – The Leader’s Journey – I would recommend that too and I really appreciate the podcast.”

Jeff Binder, Pastor at Valley Community PC in Portland, recommends another organization that provides excellent coaching for pastors and congregations.


From Cynthia O’Brien at Aurora and Woodburn, PC

Congregational Life Survey
Vital Congregations Coaching Covenant Forms

Christian Educator, Cheryl Carson from The Presbytery of Central Florida is creating background papers and lesson plans based on 7 marks material for adult education during Lent. The studies can be found here

7 Marks of Vitality Bible Studies

Barbara Campbell created these VCI 7 Marks of Vitality studies from other resources in the PCUSA Office VCI Manuals when some of our churches requested shorter (one page, easier to use) Bible Studies for sessions, adult education, personal meditation resources, etc. They are also specific to the distancing and other Covid-19 precautions congregations have faced for 9 months. Also here is a reflection document for things to consider during Advent and Christmas.  
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