Guide to Watching Presbytery Videos

At our last Presbytery Meeting at First Presbyterian Church, Portland, we voted on changes to our Standing rules, heard about strategies to manage our properties, and introduced Clark Scalera – Advocate for Congregations and Clergy.  We also heard from Treasurer, Craig Butler about what he described as a very unusual financial year.  We received a motion to move Brenna Dykman from Inquirer to Candidate and were graced to hear touching faith journey. Listen to her statement The presbytery enthusiastically voted to pass the motion. There were a number of Break Out Session options but the only one we were able to record was Trends in Congregational Membership led by Scot Crane.

The Springwater congregation was allowed to consider converting the Reverend Susan Graham from stated supply to called pastor. The congregation reported how they have found a wonderful match and that they have a deep desire to move forward.  There was also much interest in the Compensation report from COM.   Gregory Tatman was recognized for his service in a retirement ceremony and we closed Friday with evening worship.

On Saturday Morning we voted in the affirmative to pass the overture motions on Fossil Free Options and the North Korean Defectors overtureHugh Anderson was recognized for his faithful service and the ministry memories of Cooper Mountain and their dissolution report was heard Listen to the presentation and remarks prepared by Doug Hoy.   Throughout the meeting we were also blessed with meaningful and inspiring worship focused on the light of God.  On Saturday, Brian Heron delivered a sermon entitled, When God’s Story meets Our Story.

To start off our weekend, we were fortunate to have three very helpful Pre-Presbytery workshops.  However, we were only able to record one, Communication and Social Media for Congregations.

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7 and 1/2 minute Highlight Video of the Weekend

First Presbyterian Welcome Video

We know that many people helped to enrich our Presbytery meeting experience; however, we did want to give a special thanks to Gary Buck who helped to setup and live stream as well as help tear down afterwords (all of this was a 3 day commitment)  Thanks so much Gary!