Presbytery of the Cascades

Board of Trustees (12 members, Ruling Elders and Ministers)

  • Manages presbytery property;
  • Approves loan requests from churches;
  • Approves grant requests from churches;
  • Approves lease agreements from churches;
  • Develops budgets and oversee finances of presbytery.

Commission on Ministry (4 Regional 12 member Commissions of Ruling Elders and Ministers)

  • Serves as pastor/counselor to ministers, commissioned ruling elders, and certified Christian educators of
    the presbytery;
  • Facilitates relations and settles difficulties between congregations and ministers;
  • Participates in church Triennial Visits;
  • Works with congregations in securing pastoral leadership;
  • Approves and dissolves pastoral calls and contracts;
  • Provides oversight of congregations without pastors;
  • Examines ministers for membership in the presbytery.

Commission on Preparation for Ministry (12 members, elders and ministers)

  • Provides for the nurture, care and oversight of inquirers and candidates for ministry;
  • Provides for annual consultation with inquirers and candidates as they move through the process;
  • Members serve as liaisons between candidates, congregations and the presbytery.

Committee on Representation (7 members, church members, elders and ministers)

  • Works to ensure the presbytery meets representation responsibilities and goals as found in the
    constitution and standing rules;
  • Encourages presbytery to work for a more diverse membership;
  • Consults with personnel committee when staff are called or hired.
    Nominating Committee (12 members, Ruling Elders and Ministers)
  • Seeks candidates for boards, commissions and committees of the presbytery in light of representational
    requirements and goals.
  • Recruits candidates for synod and general assembly commissioners.

Permanent Judicial Commission (7 members, 6 year term, elders and ministers)

  • Serves as the ecclesiastical court for the presbytery

Personnel & Administration Committee (8 members, church members, elders & ministers)

  • Develops and implements personnel policies;
  • Conducts performance reviews of presbytery employees;
  • Deals with personnel and administrative matters

Communication and Technology Team (elder/minister elected chair + appointees who are church members,
elders or ministers)

  • Oversees technology grants;
  • Develops & refines communication strategies with and without technology;
  • Sounding Board for Presbytery Stated Meeting Planning

The presbytery reimburses committee members for committee related travel expenses but most
committees now meet online via Zoom.

Email with any questions regarding serving on one of these committees.