Presbytery of the Cascades

Board of Trustees (12 members, elders and ministers)

  • Manage presbytery property
  • Approve loan requests from churches
  • Approve grant requests from churches
  • Approve lease agreements from churches
  • Develop budgets and oversee finances of presbytery

Commission on Ministry (12 member commissions of elders and ministers)

  • Serves as pastor/counselor to ministers, commissioned ruling elders, and certified Christian educators of the presbytery;
  • Facilitates relations and settles difficulties between congregations and ministers;
  • Visits each session at least every 3 years to celebrate success and vision;
  • Works with congregations in securing pastoral leadership;
  • Approves and dissolves pastoral calls and contracts;
  • Provides oversight of congregations without pastors;
  • Examines ministers for membership in the presbytery.

Commission on Preparation for Ministry (14 members, elders and ministers)

  • Provides for the nurture, care and oversight of inquirers and candidates ministry;
  • Provides for annual consultation with inquirers and candidates as they move through the process;
  • Members serve as liaisons between candidates, congregations and the presbytery.

Committee on Representation (7 members, church members, elders and ministers)

  • Works to ensure the presbytery meets representation responsibilities and goals as found in the
    constitution and standing rules.
  • Encourages presbytery to work for a more diverse membership.
  • Consults with personnel committee when staff are called or hired.

Nominating Committee (12 members, elders and ministers)

  • Seeks candidates for boards, commissions and committees of the presbytery in light of representational
    requirements and goals
  • Recruits candidates for synod and general assembly commissioners

Permanent Judicial Commission (7 members, 6 year term, elders and ministers)

  • Serves as the ecclesiastical court for the presbytery

Personnel & Administration Committee (8 members, church members, elders & ministers)

  • Develop and implementing personnel policies
  • Conduct performance reviews of presbytery employees of the presbytery 
  • Deal with personnel and administrative matters

Communication and Technology Team (elder/minister elected chair + appointees who are church members,
elders or ministers)

  •  Develops & refines communication strategies with and without technology
  • Supports the technology and communication at each presbytery meeting
  • Oversees, evaluates and rewards technology grants

New Ministries Team (NMT)

  • Seeks to participate in a new movement of the Spirit by encouraging existing ministries to grow and inspiring individual leaders and congregations to imagine new kinds of ministries for a new era of church. 
  • Stewards efforts in the Presbytery to begin new churches and ministries. 
  • Encourages existing congregations to revitalize their mission through developing new ministries. 

Email: with any questions regarding serving on one of these committees.