Presbytery of the Cascades

What happened at the November 2022 Presbytery Meeting?

Actions Affecting Congregations

  1. 2023 Per Capita set at $45.60 per member (congregational membership is based on the number of members reported at year end 2021 in the statistical report)
  2. Presbytery Budgets Approved (view them here)


  1. Susan Coghill, Administrative Manager at First Presbyterian Church, Ashland attained both Level 1 and 2 certification from the Administrative Professional Association (APA) of the PCUSA.  If you are involved in church administration or have a church administrator, I encourage you to look into resources from the APA.
  2. The Reverend Linda Stewart-Kalen honorably retired.
  3. The Reverend Sun Mook Jhee honorably retired.

Content referenced in the Meeting

People in the PCUSA Ministry Process