Presbytery of the Cascades

Personnel & Administration (P&A)

Membership: The Presbytery shall elect a Personnel and Administration Committee to consist of eight persons, including the chair. Members are elected for a three-year term and may serve for up to six years.

Focus: P&A shall have responsibility for developing and implementing personnel policies, conducting performance reviews of employees of the Presbytery, and dealing with personnel and administrative matters on behalf of the Presbytery.

This committee prepares the administrative budget, monitors office operations, and guides and conducts search processes for new staff.

P&A also develops and recommends policies concerning employment and benefits and prepares and reviews job descriptions.

Skills: Knowledge of employment, supervision, and personnel issues; counseling and crisis handling skills. It is important that the persons selected have a working knowledge of the design of the Presbytery and its operations.

Meeting Dates: Typically, five meetings per year, but otherwise as needed. Meetings are held via Zoom. Expenses for attending meetings (mileage, meals, lodging) are reimbursed by the presbytery.