Presbytery of the Cascades


Membership:  4 Synod Commissioners.  Ideally, one from each Presbytery region.

Synod of the Pacific currently has forty-four commissioners from the 11 presbyteries who come together to govern the work and to envision its future.

As a commissioner you will be the voice of the Synod within your Presbytery. You will make informed decisions while serving on a Permanent Committee, and volunteer for taskforces or sub committees around specific concerns.

You will meet with your fellow commissioners at the Synod’s October and May meetings (usually the 2nd week of the month Thursday – Saturday); these meetings provide an opportunity to build relationships and connections across the Synod’s regions.

  • Assembly Meetings in October and May are held in-person or online per COVID restrictions. Usually the October meeting is at Mercy Center near SFO; the May meeting at Zephyr Conference Center in Lake Tahoe.*
  • “Extra Mile” Committee Meetings are held the Thursday afternoon of the assembly gathering, as well as electronic meetings between gatherings. Thus, comfort with and the ability to participate in electronic meetings is essential to the work of the synod.

There are three permanent committees on which commissioners serve (every commissioner serves on one of these committees. They are:

  • Mission Finance Committee– upholds the Corporation and its assets. It develops and maintains all Investment and Loan policies, reviews and takes action on all Loan requests, and establishes and oversees the Synod Budget and Audit.
  • Mission Partnership Committee is known as the “heart of the Synod”. This committee plans and conducts consultations between Synod and its presbyteries. It facilitates communication and interprets mission among presbyteries and between the Synod and General Assembly. It oversees grant requests which supports mission and ministries throughout the Synod and its presbyteries.
  • Mission Personnel Committee is responsible for all aspects of employment. They recommend to Synod comprehensive personnel policies in conformance with relevant state and federal employment laws and best practices. It also manages the compensation plan for Synod employees as well as those in the Synod’s Personnel Service.

There are three other “Extra Mile” Committees which provide additional opportunities for service. Some commissioners may elect to serve one in addition to one of the three listed above. 

  • Committee on Representation (COR) ensures the Synod’s commitment to the principles of “Participation and Inclusiveness.”
  • Nominating Committee is responsible for finding members for the synod committees while ensuring both diversity and adequate representation of presbyteries.
  • Coordinating Committee–coordinates the activities of the other 5 committees.

*All expenses associated with attending meetings are reimbursed by the Synod.

Staff:   Paul Belz-Templeman,